Worcester Game Developer Wins ‘Rising Pixel’ Award

Ryan Canuel, the founder and CEO of Petricore Games, was honored at PlayCrafting’s Bit Awards this past December. Canuel received the Rising Pixel Award, an award that recognizes rising game developers who are making an impact on their community and industry.

“It was really an unexpected honor to receive this award. I was there because our game, Battery Boy, had been nominated for Mobile Game of the Year, but never expected I’d receive the Rising Pixel award for Boston,” said Canuel.  “Thank you to the people who nominated me, and to my amazing team, mentors, and friends who got together and made a video for the reception.”

Canuel is an alumnus of Becker College, and continues to support the school by hiring many of its students as interns, and by sponsoring Worcester Game Pile, a local meetup group.

The Bit Awards also had another local winner: My current favorite scream-inducing game, Perception, won the Game of the Year awards. Congrats Deep End Games! Someday I will be able to be brave enough to actually finish your game.


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