Boston Uprising Makes Solid Debut Despite Losing to New York Rival

Despite low expectations from the Overwatch League community, Boston Uprising had a solid debut this past week in their first preseason matches against New York Excelsior and the Shanghai Dragons. Uprising made some surprising strategy choices, with a few notable attempts to run strategies without a Mercy despite the current meta dictating her as a must-have. Uprising lost their match against NYXL 1-3, but regrouped to win against the Dragons 3-2 the next day. The team enjoyed success with Snow (Support) on Mercy (perhaps they learned something from the first match…!), and also had incredibly strong plays from DreamKazper (DPS) on Pharah and Mistakes (DPS) on Tracer.

Overall, the team seems open to experimentation with strategies, but they really shine when working within the current meta. With that said, many in the community have speculated that more nerfs to Mercy may be on the way, in which case, Uprising could find themselves at an advantage by having support players who are comfortable with other heroes.

Uprising has their first regular season match on Thursday, Jan. 11 at 9 p.m. EST against NYXL.


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