Earplay Works with A&E for New History Channel-Branded Alexa Skill

Not long after launching its interactive audio experience for the USA Network hit show Mr. Robot on Amazon Alexa, Boston-based Earplay has revealed another deal with a major television network: A&E Networks. For this one, Earplay is providing its interactive audio platform for a new Alexa skill under A&E’s History Channel brand called the “Ultimate HISTORY Quiz.” This is among the first skills to have microtransactions, with this skill in particular charging Prime members 99 cents for new packs of questions and everyone else $1.99 per pack.

Now having developed skills for both USA Network and A&E Networks this year, Earplay is beginning to reap the rewards of becoming an early adopter of the Alexa platform, which is estimated to be on 68 percent of all smart speakers by the end of this year. Even Amazon is taking note on its new developer page for making gaming skills for Alexa.


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