Local Dev Helped Make New Mr. Robot Game

If you’re a fan of USA Network’s hit show Mr. Robot, you may have seen an ad last week for a new Amazon Alexa skill connected to the show called the Daily Five/Nine. It basically serves as an interactive audio experience that is set in the show’s world.

One of the Alexa skill’s co-developers is Earplay, a Boston-based developer that focuses on creating interactive audio experiences, mainly on Amazon Alexa. Jonathon Myers, Earplay’s CEO and co-founder, previously did narrative design and writing for Disruptor Beam, Owlchemy Labs (before the company moved to Austin) and Zynga Boston (which closed a few years ago). The company’s chief creative officer is Dave Grossman, who was previously at Telltale Games and, a long time ago, at LucasArts, where he worked on games, like The Secret of Monkey Island.

Earplay originally started with a focus on providing an interactive audio experience on smartphones, but once Amazon Echo came out, the company switched its focus to Alexa and became an early mover in the space. I’ll have more to share on this company soon.


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