Layoffs Hit Harmonix for Second Time This Year

Boston’s video game industry took another hit this month when Rock Band developer Harmonix reportedly laid off 14 employees last week, Gamasutra reported. The developer told the publication that the layoffs were part of an effort to “reduce our overhead and align our business with our business development slate.” This comes after Framingham-based Disruptor Beam reportedly laid off 30-40 people earlier this month.

For Harmonix, this appears to be the fifth time the company has had layoffs in the last five years (the company laid off 17 back in March). The most recent round happened not too long after the release of its ambitious electronic board game hybrid DropMix. While the company has made a good effort pushing out experimental games like Harmonix Music VR and more traditional fare like Rock Band 4, Harmonix seems like it’s still figuring out how to operate as a sustainable independent company. Just to jog your memory, Harmonix was sold by Viacom in 2010 and raised $15 million from venture capitalists in 2015to develop for more platforms.


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